The Man Who Loved Abba
Pushing The Patients Round - Tommy Tiernan Show
Spirit Store Presents: Jinx Lennon
Get Me The Fuck Out
Pushing The Patients Round
Football, Football
Nothing But a Leprechaun
The lovely man
There's Smoke Over Cloughue Chapel
Jinx Lennon North Louth video
''See you at the Square'' Sunshine Bar,Bridge Strret Dundalk 1996
''No homeless People In Drogheda'' Vantastival 2019
'The Dundalk Walk'' Electric Picnic 2019
Balcony TV 2006-Forgive The Cnts
2017 300 Pianos -Video Promo for 'Grow A Pair' (directed by Paul Duane)
2007 Arena TG4 -City Of Styrofoam Cups(from 'Know Your Station Gouger Nation'
2002 Sticky Heads -from 30 Beacons Of Light For A Land Full Of Spite(directed by Johnny S***face)
'Ceol Ar An Imeall' TG4 2012 Songs -Little Household Charge ,Raps-s-scallions (from 'Know Your Station Gouger Nation) presented by Una Mullaly
2002 'Everyones Got One Special Thing(promo for '30 Beacons Of Light For A Land Full Of Spite' album
2009 Taxi Man Face (with Miss Paula Flynn) Live in Belturbet Cavan
2016 Bonus Ball promo for 'Past Pupil Stay Sane' filmed by Brian Quinn ,directed by Bobby 'Rubberbandits'
2014 Shop Thy Neighbour -directed by Chris Heath
2016 Don't Lose A Stone For Christmas (Christmas at Castletown Sessions) directed b Graham Patterson)
Jinx Lennon Pallas Projects ,Live 2012-Raw As Rope,Hypnotise The Sprog,and Raps-s-scallions
2018 'Spirit Store ('Grow a Pair' launch) The Newry Bird with Sharon Mc Ardle on Harp
'Protect Thyself and Home' 2013 from 'Trauma Themes Idiot Times' directed by Bill Hazzard
2013 'Nothing But A Leprechaun' from 'National Cancer Strategy' directed by Bill Hazzard
Sultans Of Sicknuss 2013 directed by Bill Hazzard
2007 Balaclava boys(from '30 Beacons Of Light' from RTE 'Arts Lives' documentary 'Noisemaker' directed Dara Mc Cluskey
2007 Flesh Taxi (from Arts Lives documentary 'Noisemaker' directed by Dara Mc Cluskey
2008 Roisin Dubh ,Galway 'The Lookout Posts Of Forkhill ' with Miss Paula Flynn
2018 'And Never Stop' Jinx Lennon and Marc Aubele
''Iron Bars'' Othered Voices Festival,Dublin 2013
''Proud To Be A Nobody From County Louth'' Spirit Store,autumn 2002