• RELEASE DATE /March 1, 2016
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl / CD

Release tracklist

Jinx Lennon – Past Pupil Stay Sane (Septic Tiger): Here’s an aging, half-crazy Irishman I wouldn’t have discovered without the good graces of Robert Christgau. A “punk-poet” of sorts, Lennon churns out 23 tracks in 60 minutes in which he shouts, stutters, and “sings” over simplistic (not necessarily minimalistic) electronic beats, accompanied more often than not by a laptop’s bleep-bloops or guitar or trumpet and almost certainly by lady vocalist Sophie Coyle, whose presence softens the blow of Lennon’s charges. An unorthodox bloke to say the least, he pours through half-raps with furious rhythms (“Bonus Ball” or “Bedblocka”), but the sweet spot is in the somehow unsentimental “I Know My Town,” where Lennon runs through all the displeasing odors his village emits but loves its crumminess all the same.

The Politician ,Blogger