• RELEASE DATE /April, 13 2018
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl / CD

Release tracklist

there’s no journalist,broadcaster of filmmaker documenting the state of the nation quite like Jinx .’A Nasty time On The Dual Carraigeway’ is a Mad Max -in -the -midlands morality play in which a road control freak gets come uppance in the form of a couple of auto thugs.’Serve a drink for my Sister’ freeze frames a small town barman caught between breaking underage licensing laws of facing a Smith and Wessun hip replacement job.’Nothing But a Leprechaun’is a screed against rendition complicit politicos plus us gobshites who pay their wages .’Pink Scrunched Up Thing ‘is a revenge saga in which a wrathful Jinx visits a sadistic priest in a recovery home ,collects him in his van,and ,well ,i won’t spoil the ending .So it goes.Stream of consciousness jeremiads set to arcade game sounds and throbbing Suicide grooves .Jinx Lennon is Ireland’s greatest living songwriter,a Burroughsian state pathologist,bad conscience and protest singer all packed into a dark suit and shades.National Cancer Strategy is another bullseye.Someone give this man the freedom of Dundalk

Peter Murphy ,Hot Press