• RELEASE DATE /November, 15 2000
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl / CD

Release tracklist

The bottom line is that Jinx sings,howls and rages against parochial hypocrisies,the ludicrous posturing of small town border hard men with ‘North Louth moustaches’and even traffic wardens .But his frame of reference is much wider taking in hip hop,punk,come all ye-s and the blues .This is a live album and at times it’s quite obvious he’s dealing with a potentially volatile crowd.But that doesn’t bother Mr Lennon.If i was forced to pick a couple of highlights ‘Get The Guards’,’No need to turn yourself into a Blob’and ‘The Lookout Posts of Forkhill’ would probably be up there.Jinx Lennon will make you smile but he’ll also grab you by the throat.One of the most original singer songwriters out there.This is a live album that makes me wish i was there.

Sean Flynn,The Irish World