• RELEASE DATE /June 6, 2011
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl / CD

Release tracklist

This new Jinx Lennon album is an urban troubadour affair replete with lashings of manic street preaching. As someone who instinctively understands the nature of vocal performance, Lennon is a rare talent, and on this beautifully titled collection he offers up 12 short, sharp shocks of songs. With minimal instrumentation, the focus here is on the lyrics and how Lennon uses a stylised rap form to deliver them. It would be pointless to quote the words out the context, but at times you’re reminded of Chuck D’s intelligent use of a sardonic narrative. These songs, however, were intended for earlier albums, and there is a slightly unfinished feel to them. Next time out, perhaps, these should be extended affairs, allowing Lennon the time to really develop some interesting topics.

Brian Boyd, Irish Times